It is not only fans of great design and food who love OFYR. Professionals such as chefs at hotels, restaurants and catering firms adore working with our cooking units. OFYR also appears frequently at events, from small gatherings to huge dance events. OFYR always manages to ‘wow’ the visitors at an event and bring something new. People often stop when walking by to have a look and take pictures. Young and trendy chefs with loads of tattoos become the DJ when they cook on OFYR, and they love that!

The versatility of OFYR allows you to cook anything you want for your guests. Usually (if you want) live outdoor cooking does not go beyond meat. OFYR’s cooking plate, especially in combination with one of our grills, does offer endless cooking possibilities, also for fish and vegetables. Think of a lobster with garlic butter, a flavorful paella, a juicy steak or crispy vegetables.

The mean reasons though why OFYR works so well at events are the experience and social factors. An event is about bringing people together, getting closer to each other and experiencing something special together. This is exactly what OFYR stands for. You can have your guests prepare something delicious themselves or a have chef show grilling while interacting with the crowd. Either way, by gathering around the fire you start to open up and become intrigued by the cooking unit.

Need some inspiration?
For example, your wedding in a large garden with one or more OFYR’s and your guests enjoying the good food. Or, a company event where you amaze your employees by trying out the OFYR cooking experience. Imagine having diner in a restaurant during a dance event enjoying good food while the music blasts around you. Picture yourself enjoying a meal with your loved one in a pop-up restaurant during valentine’s day. Whatever the occasion, OFYR brings a special moment of connection, fascination and most of all: good food.