Best wood to use

Our preferred wood is beech wood which burns down to thick charcoal. Ash wood also works well.
The ideal size for the logs is around 10 x 30 cm. We advise against using larger pieces of wood. These do tend to catch fire quickly, but generally do not burn down properly due to the lack of space for oxygen in the cone. We recommend to use very dry wood without bark with a maximum humidity of 18-20%.
For an evening of cooking (4-5 hours) you will need on average around two OFYR Wood Bags of around 50 liters each, depending on the outdoor temperature and the weather conditions.

Making your first OFYR fire & Choosing the right wood

Stack the pieces of wood two by two, as if you were building a log cabin, with the bark facing outwards to further prevent smoke formation. Smoke formation when lighting a fire or when adding new firewood can be prevented for the most part by using our OFYR Buffadoo blowpipe, causing the new wood to catch fire almost instantly. The outdoor temperature is an important factor for the time needed to heat the cooking plate properly. This time can range from 25-30 minutes during spring and summer to 45-60 minutes during fall and winter.

It is important to make a smaller fire for roughly 30 minutes to allow the cooking plate to settle properly. Once the cooking plate is really well heated, drizzle on olive oil and spread it with a kitchen towel. The olive oil will mix with the factory oil and will make it easy to remove the factory oil. Drizzle on olive oil 2-3 times.