Winter is marked by humid conditions and sometimes strong winds and storms. With these maintenance tips, you can enjoy your OFYR equipment all year round.



  • It is important to keep the OFYR plate oiled. Use vegetable oil or pancoating spray every two weeks.
  • The Snuffer, Cover or the new Softcover and Snuffer Softcover set can provide additional protection. For strong winds, we advise putting significant weight on top of the Cover 85 and Cover 100.
  • Even when your OFYR is covered, the plate should remain oiled to avoid damage by moisture between the plate and the covering.


  • Make sure the ashtrays of the OFYR PRO series do not fill up with water and avoid water in them for a longer time. This can cause the Corten Steel to flake and the black coated ashtrays to rust.
  • With the OFYR Storage and OFYR Island models, keep the surface underneath the cone clean, so rainwater can drain off along the side walls.
  • Remove ashes, wet coal and leaves from the cone, as they can damage the Corten steel or cause rust in the black coated models.

Covers and snuffers

  • In order to prevent the coating on the Covers and Snuffers from fading, it is useful to treat them with wax from time to time.
  • It is also good to oil the wooden knobs of the Covers and Snuffers to prevent them from drying out.


  • Teak wood accessories (such as the Fire Guard Ring) should be removed and stored in a dry space, when not in use.
  • Keep your Tabl’O, pizza oven, grills, tools and gear inside when not in use.


of the cooking plate

of the Corten Base

of the Black Line