OFYR has witnessed a steep market growth during its 5 years existence.

OFYR celebrates its 5th anniversary. It has entered the market with the goal of transforming outdoor cooking from a solitary activity into a shared one. And its design cooking units have rapidly found their way to restaurant and hotel terraces worldwide, large events and uncountable gardens around the globe.

At the basis? Simple human needs for connection, authenticity, and the outdoors.




The COVID-19 effect

“We don’t believe just the global COVID-19 crisis is at the basis of this trend,” says Frank van Vliet, Commercial Director of OFYR Global, “just like video calls or our focus on health, we have seen an acceleration of a trend that was already present in society. In our busy, always-on society people are looking for outdoor experiences, true connection and authenticity. Elements that happen to be intrinsic parts of OFYR as a brand”

Chef Guy Weyts has seen a double effect “In many countries, restaurants, event venues and hotels had to close doors. This has been an incredibly hard year for the sector. But the longing for good food and gathering in small groups remained, humans are social creatures after all”.

This was reflected in an increase of interest from the consumer markets: people value outdoor, everyday moments, close to their homes. Also, the design element of OFYR played its role: when not in use, its aesthetics have a sculptural effect on any garden; a place where we are spending significantly more time than before.

Google Trends: consumer’s interest, based on search behaviour in the Netherlands shows an unprecedented increase in all topics related to outdoor cooking.


OFYR has a contagious effect. Most customers have seen or experienced OFYR at a friend’s home or at an event. The fact that everyone gathers around it convinces many, the chef becomes a true part of the group and the group becomes chef.

And the brand has detected other tendencies for 2021:


Cooking is more than grilling

Whereas grilling is often centered around meat, OFYR is also perfect for preparing vegetables, side dishes and desserts. As of March, a real pizza oven in distinct OFYR style will be available in stores to further enhance the overall outdoor cooking experience.

Surface matters

All over the globe, people are getting creative with surface space. For even the smallest of terraces, OFYR created Tabl’O: a compact table grill fuelled with sustainable coconut briquettes, which do not produce smoke or odour. Thanks to the 2021 accessories set, it can be used to prepare a multitude of dishes, like cheese fondue combined with vegetables on the plate or chocolate fondue for dessert.

Modular design

OFYR has introduced a full outdoor kitchen concept: besides the cooking units, our storage solutions, mise en place tables and dressoirs ensure one harmonized look and style for any outdoor space. For OFYR’s PRO line, inserts transform the storage space into a fully-fledged open or closed cabinet.